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We are a private law practice dedicated to the international transportation, logistics, and supply chain industry.


San Francisco, California, USA  (UTC - 08:00)   

mobile: +1 415 847 0233


Logistics Counsel is a law practice dedicated to the logistics industry, delivering high-quality, business-oriented, and industry-tailored legal services to clients in international trade.  Although our primary focus is representing both shipper-customers and logistics providers in negotiating logistics and transportation contracts, we offer a broad range of legal services to this client base.  The principal owner is Robert Williams, a seasoned lawyer with over thirty years of experience in international logistics. 


"In-House” Logistics and Supply Chain Experience as a Differentiator

We add value by working side-by-side with senior level executives and business functions, including procurement, business development, operations, product (air, ocean, brokerage, warehousing, distribution), finance, and risk management, to collaboratively resolve the issues in logistics contracts that are critical to these stakeholders. We view contract negotiations as an opportunity to build relationships, and our industry operational knowledge enables us to resolve issues of impasse by creatively fine-tuning the allocation of risk between the parties in a way that makes sense. We have drafted and negotiated contracts governing international logistics services with some of the world’s largest multinational shipper-customers in the technology, garment, retail, pharmaceutical, defense, and auto industries.

Commercial Focus, Practical Solutions, Efficient Delivery, Global Reach

Our business background drives a commercial focus in our service deliverables, moving past pure “legal” risk management to an understanding of the client’s strategic and operational goals in the context of a larger, more comprehensive business framework.  Drawing on our understanding of the business, we quickly and efficiently identify and evaluate risk, recommend practical solutions designed to optimize the client’s overall risk position, and enable the client to make informed decisions.   

We are comfortable operating seamlessly in multiple time zones under the tight deadlines that the international logistics industry often demands.   We draft and negotiate agreements governing logistics and transportation services performed anywhere in the world.  Our hourly rates are reasonable, and alternative fee arrangements are welcomed.

Whether on the shipper-customer side or the provider side, logistics professionals require industry-focused legal services, particularly in logistics contract negotiations.  Two decades of in-house 3PL experience gives us a deep understanding of the business, which provides an advantage in contract negotiations that typical external lawyers cannot offer.   

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